Kefir is a fizzy fermented beverage (which is similar to kombucha) made using Kefir grains which feed like crazy on the sugar to produce very healthy acids, enzymes and of course Vitmain B&C along with the probiotics. Also a great vegan alternative to Milk Kefir. Usually take 24 to 48 hors to get a small batch ready. The taste is a combination of Soda and tonic water.


Beetkvass finds its origin primarily in Russia and Eastern European countries. The drink was so popular that it was sold on road sides in big barrels. The Russian grandmothers relied heavily on these ferments to account for the cold winters when there want much harvest.


Boosts Immunity
Improves Haemoglobin and blood formation.
Improves Gut health
helps increase athletic performance naturally.
Detoxifies the liver and blood
Helps prevet cancer and aging.


Before meals as a probiotic
In the morning to ease the stomach
Between meals to help digestion
Post workout to re-energize and refresh
Marination of meat.
Mixer for cocktails


Made with superior Sauerkraut juice
all organic ingredients
Available around the season

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