Work With Us

As our name suggests, we believe in a strong sense of community, in fact, that’s our vision- we do not look at Kombucha as only a beverage, we look at it as something that symbolises a sustainable way of living, and that’s the community we are building, a community of people who take ownership of the change they want to see in themselves and the world around them. We are no preachers, but we strongly believe in conscious living and taking small actions in our own capacity to preserve the environment around us. At times, we have felt confused and overwhelmed as to where to begin because the world is such a complex and interconnected place but over a period of time we have found our own little ways to do our part about the issues we care for, for instance, finding alternatives to plastic or being more conscious about the source of our food.

 This is also reflective in the way we produce Kombucha, we procure all our raw material from local farmers and farmer’s market who are spread across the country. We are building a community of like-minded people who are exploring ways of making a difference in their own capacities.

Come and join our community of booch-addicts, this latest season, MAVI’s Commbucha is coming!