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Kombucha is a sweet, tangy and naturally carbonated fermented tea…Read More


Ginger Ale is fizzy fermented beverage rich in probiotics, anti-oxidants, and healthy acids and enzymes…Read More


Kefir is a fizzy fermented beverage made using Kefir grains which feed like crazy on the sugar to produce very healthy acids…Read More


Beetkvass is a zero-sugar beverage made with Beetroot and assorted spices. The beetroot serves as the source of food…Read More


Saurkraut comes from German words meaning “Sour Cabbage” which is a result of Lacto fermentation… Read More


Kimchi is the korean version of Sauerkraut. Kimchi could be any fermented vegetables. The best-known source of vitamin C…Read More

Zero Sugar kombucha

Keto Kombucha is a special batch of extremely low sugar kombucha made on order with sugar less than 0.5g/100ml..Read more

Tepache is a popular Mexican drink made from fermented ripe pineapples to make a tangy refreshing beverage…Read more

About MAVI

Well, one fine day, Vikram and Mashi were spending some chill time with their friends in the US when Mashi decided to try out some Kombucha that their friends brewed at home. That’s where the Booch-addiction started! They got some culture back to India (LITERALLY!) and started brewing it here, everybody in their family loved it. However, they never thought of taking it up professionally. Encouraged by all the appreciation, in March 2018, they finally decided to put up a stall at a farmers market in Mumbai. To their surprise, they were sold-out the very first day. From then on, they have never looked back!