Organic garlic fermented using either honey or brine as medium. At MAVI’s we do both the versions, Honey Fermented Garlic (HFG) and Water Fermented Garlic (WFG). Garlic contains AJOENE which fights off Candida infection in our body. Garlic is currently being researched by top medical firms for its action against abnormal BLOOD CLOTTING and BASAL CELL CARCINOMA (Skin Cancer). Fermenting garlic makes its nutrients more accessible to your body during the digestion process. It also adds an abundance of probiotics to your diet, which in turn provides added support to your gastrointestinal tract and immune system.


Like most popular  things, the claim to fame for this ferment could be many places but West China around the mountains of Kazakhastan & Kyrygzstan. Egyptians have been also known to use fermentation of bulbs and plants to increaase their medicinal value.


Improves gut health and immunity
Increases blood flow
Supresses Bacteria
Increases number, lifespan and strength of Natural killer cells.
Prevents Blood clots.
Reduces bad cholestrol.


 1 or 2 cloves every day morning.
As sides with meat and Sandwich
In sauces and salads.


Extremely low calories.
Makes for an exceptional side dish.
Raw & Unpasteurized
Available around the season
Lactose free

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