Kefir - FAQS

Kefir is a fizzy fermented beverage (which is similar to kombucha) made using Kefir
grains and is a great alternative to people who don’t like doing Milk Kefir. It is loaded
with good gut bacteria, Vitamin B&C and healthy enzymes which help your over all
Open the cap slowly. Think of it like a soda bottle.

Like your partner after 7 years of marriage. It is almost zero on sugar and tastes like soda
water. But can be quite fizzy and depending on the fruit added during the second
ferment may have a certain flavour.

Well, its amazing how everything is different but may lead upto something similar and
super healthy. Also the flavours are so good. Its like a backpacking trip during a gap year,
you cant just do it for a week and to one city. Exploring is the key.

1st ferment – Filtered/boiled water, high mineral organic cane sugar or jaggery and water
kefir grains.
2nd ferment – Water kefir from 1st stage and fruits/herbs and spices.

Yes loads of them including and not limited to species of Lactobacillus, leuconostoc,
acetobector etc

Yes, fermented food by the very virtue of the process contain vitamin B&C and also
vitamin B-12. 65% of world population especially vegetarians are Vitamin B12 deficient
(indicators may be – eye bags and low energy levels.)

Kefir contains a type of Pre-biotic called Kefiran which promotes growth of good gut
bacteria. Kefir in general is good for
– Good for digestion
-improves gut health
-improves immunity
– is known to help fight cancer and other lifestyle related diseases.

Yes hundred percent. In fact it is organically sourced vegan, gluten free and GMO free.

If my mom can have it then everyone can have Kefir except may be
-Pregnant women and toddlers.
– People with Small Intestine Bacterial overgrowth(SIBO). Always remember to introduce new
things carefully into your regime, no matter how healthy they are.

Please refrigerate the bottles and consume within 30-60 days.

Available in 300ml and 500ml size.
Call or whatsapp us on 7777048983 for placing your orders.

  • Store the bottles straight in the fridge if possible.
  • Keep them refrigerated under 6oC for best results.
  • Don’t shake before opening the bottle.
  • Turn the cap slowly to open and when you hear the fizz then stop and let the fizz settle down and continue to open slowly to avoid spillage.
  •  Consume the bottle asap once opened. After opening the air gets inside the bottle and fermentation speeds up changing the flavour and making the drink tarty.
  • Feel free to add a sweetener of your choice in case the beverage is a little tangy for the taste.
  • *Pro tip for Newbies – while opening, Keep a glass or a bowl under to catch any spillage.