Kombucha is a 2300 year old (more like ancient) concept of fermenting tea. The exact origin of kombucha is unsure, legends say that the roots are somewhere in the oriental world. Butlike most legends some also say that it originated in Russia or Ukraine. It is naturally rich in probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy acids and enzymes.

The list is endless but we will try and list out some for you –
a. Detoxify the blood
b. Reduce cholesterol level
c. Reduce atherosclerosis by regeneration of cell walls
d. Reduce blood pressure
e. Reduce inflammatory problems
f. Alleviate arthritis, rheumatism, and gout symptoms
g. Promote liver functions
h. Normalize intestinal activity, balance intestinal flora, cure hemorrhoids
i. Reduce obesity and regulate appetite
j. Prevent/heal bladder infection and reduce kidney calcification
k. Stimulate glandular systems
l. Protect against diabetes
m. Increase body resistance to cancer
n. Have an antibiotic effect against bacteria, viruses, and yeasts
o. Enhance the immune system and stimulate interferon production
p. Relieve bronchitis and asthma
q. Reduce menstrual disorders and menopausal hot flashes
r. Improve hair, skin, and nail health
s. Reduce an alcoholic’s craving for alcohol
t. Reduce stress and nervous disturbances, and insomnia
u. Relieve headaches
v. Improve eyesight
w. Counteract aging
x. Enhance general metabolism
y. Balances body’s pH and makes you happier.

MAVI’s Commbucha is basically fermented tea rich in probiotics, antioxidants and other beneficial acids. In the first go, it might sound like a health drink, which it undoubtedly is but there is much more to MAVI’s Commbucha than that. Other than the obvious health benefits, it tastes great and we ensure to get you seasonal flavours like jamun, Apple and guava along with the perennial ones. The reason we are experimenting and innovating with the drink so much is because we see it in different avatars, it is a perfect for social drinking as a non-alcoholic drink as well as a mixer. So, for the next house party you have, start with a bottle of MAVI’s Commbucha!

For the obvious health benefits such as better digestion, providing energy boost and maintaining a detox process. -At MAVI’s, other than the regular flavours, we get you some delicious seasonal flavours. We experiment with all the fruits we can get our hands on. -We truly believe in a sense of community, hence, most of our raw materials are procured from local farmers. So, your bottle of MAVI’s Commbucha carries love from all over the country

The answer my friend, is fermenting in the jar or a big ass brewing vessel! The process of fermentation takes about 10-15 days during which the yeast converts sugar into alcohol and the bacteria being good flatmates eat up the alcohol to give the healthy acids, enzymes, probiotics and of course the vinegary taste. At MAVI’s, we then add different fruits to it.

Everyone except the expecting or lactating moms! Just remember that for kids, the servings should be smaller.

At MAVI’s Mashi and Vikram have different palates so from the start we knew that we had to cater to both of them and the never ending list of friends. So the commbucha ranges from tarty to tangy to sweet-tangy. The regular users tend to like the tartier versions while the newbs like the sweetish ones.

Each individual has their own capacity so, but start with a 100-200ml and then slowly build it up. We do a special offer for Booch-addicts like U.

Well, Whenever you want to..Generally in the morning the absorption of the good bacteria tends to be better, so for the best results it can be consumed them. Although it can also be consumed any other time, as a healthy substitute to fizzy, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. Try doing it with your meals or while you cuddle watching netflix or chilling with your homies over a game of poker/scrabble. A post dinner Commbucha is known to give a great start the next morning.

  • Store the bottles straight in the fridge if possible.
  • Keep them refrigerated under 6oC for best results.
  • Don’t shake before opening the bottle.
  • Turn the cap slowly to open and when you hear the fizz then stop and let the fizz settle down and continue to open slowly to avoid spillage.
  •  Consume the bottle asap once opened. After opening the air gets inside the bottle and fermentation speeds up changing the flavour and making the drink tarty.
  • Feel free to add a sweetener of your choice in case the beverage is a little tangy for the taste.
  • *Pro tip for Newbies – while opening, Keep a glass or a bowl under to catch any spillage.