Sauerkraut - FAQS

Sauerkraut is a German Word which stand for (Sauer = Sour) + (Kraut =Cabbage).
Sour Cabbage is also the most easy way to tell how it actually tastes.
It is done by lacto-fermentation of Cabbage.

Two stage anaerobic fermentation. In the 1st stage the bad bacteria die because of
salt and good bacteria survive. 2nd stage, all sugar is converted to lactic acid which
preserves the vegetables, gives the tangy taste of sauerkraut and also helps the
growth of lactobacillus organisms.

Sauerkraut like all fermented food is a superb source of

  • Probiotics,
  • anti-oxidants,
  • Vitamin B-complex including vitamin B12
  • Upto 7 times vitamin C of a lemon/orange
  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Folates

 Improves digestion
 Helps fight Cancer
 Builds immunity
 Reduces stress
 Improves hair, skin and nail quality
 Reduces cravings

It is GLUTEN free, Lactose free, preservative free.

Kimchi is a South East Asian preparation with more spices, ginger and Chilly with
green cabbage while the original Sauerkraut is European and contains just green
cabbage and salt. Both are equally healthy but the cuisines have made an impact on
the preparation.The high protein diets which is sea food SE Asia or meat in Europe
needs probiotics for easy digestion of protein and prevent flatulence. That’s why you
will find Sauerkraut/Kimchi in every meal in these regions.

It is our own version of the Sauerkraut which is a cross between kimchi and
Sauerkraut. It contains organic Green Cabbage, Blue Cabbage, beetroot, carrot, garlic
and Himalayan pink salt.
The Blue Cabbage helps in obtaining Vitamin K during the fermentation and garlic
gives it a nice flavour and also is a super food against viral infections and cancer.

Keeping our childhood friends in mind, we do Clasiq Sauerkraut too without any root
crops (grown under ground).

Fermented cabbage is a great way to help your body. Cruciferous vegetables are
packed with minerals and vitamins. When consumed in moderation it can be of great
benefit to your digestion including preventing several types of cancer.

Sauerkraut is not preserved using any external chemicals or additions. It preserves
itself because of the healthy acids produced during the fermentation process.

MAVI’s Sauerkraut is fermented for atleast 6-8 weeks. This is because sauerkraut has
loads of vitamin B and C like other fermented products but Vitamin K only starts
appearing after about 6 weeks of fermentation. So MAVI’s Sauerkraut is the
healthiest kid in the playground.

One or two tablespoon with your meal is enough to take care of your gut health.

Yes Yes yes, Kids should be taught early the benefits of fermented food and how to
use them to our advantage

1. In the salad
2. In the wraps/sandwiches
3. Along side your meal like a pickle
4. As a topping on you chips.
5. Just a tablespoon as a pre-meal salad.

Fermented food can be kept for a long time. Label says 6 months. Best to keep it in
the refrigerator. And enjoy whenever you can.

Available in 200g and 500g size.
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