Saurkraut comes from German words meaning “Sour Cabbage” whichc is a result of lacto fermentation of cabbage in brine water. The best known source of Vitamin C among popular food it is a staple in protein rich European Cuisine. Sausages and Sauerkraut could well be the National food for many Eastern. They come in many variations.


Although fermentation has been up for 1000’s of years, Sauerkraut gained popularity in the 1700’s when captain Cook’s crew survived the entire sea voyage without losing a single man to vitamin C deficiency (Scurvy). Some might also call Sauerkraut the reason ship’s could sail further.This made sauerkraut popular within and outside the country.


Improves gut health and immunity
Reduces bloating, indigeston, acidity etc
increases vitamin B12 and C
Improves skin, nail, hair growth and quality
Detoxifies the liver and blood
Helps prevet cancer and aging.


 Before meals as a probiotic
Can be used as sides to any meal.
An accompanyment to beverages.
As Snack topping on chips and toast
can be used to make sauerkraut sides.
In salad mixes and sandwiches


Extremely low calories.
All organic ingredients
Raw & Unpasteurized
Available around the season
Vegan friendly & Lactose free

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