Tepache - FAQS

Tepache is a popular Mexican drink made from ripe pineapples. Its origin lies in the
Aztec times, when fermentation was the way of preservation and also a way to
increase the nutrient value of food. Tepache is traditionally also called pineapple beer.
It is naturally rich in probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy acids and

a. High in Vitamin C
b. Contains Vitamin A B and B12
c. Great for digestion
d. Promote liver functions.
e. Normalize intestinal activity, balance intestinal flora, cure hemorrhoids
f. Contain Tibicos, which helps revitalize tissue post trauma and recurring infection
g. Helps weight loss
h. Enhance the immune system and stimulate interferon production
i. Relieves colitis

MAVI’s Tepache is a non-alcoholic drink made of ripe pineapples and spices like
cinnamon, clove and star-anise are added to give it a pleasant spicy sweet smelling
flavour. We make it traditionally with the whole fruit and not just the peel and rind.

a. The drink is naturally very fizzy and serves as a good replacement for sodas, colas
and juices
b. For loads of Vitamin C and low sugar content.
c. For the obvious health benefits such as better digestion, providing energy boost
maintaining a detox process
d. We truly believe in a Local, seasonal and Organic that makes Tepache special as it
is only available when organic pineapples are available.

Tepache is prepared by fermenting pineapple with raw sugar and select spices for
days until sugar is consumed leaving behind a fizzy, crisp drink.
The process of fermentation takes about 2-3 days during which the yeast converts
sugar into alcohol and the bacteria being good teammates eat up the alcohol to give
the healthy acids, enzymes, probiotics etc.
Too long a ferment can turn tepache into Pineapple vinegar which is quite tarty

Everyone. Just remember that for kids, the servings should be smaller.

Tepache tastes like a slightly tangy Pineapple juice. Has spice mixed wine like smell.
The regular users tend to like the older bottles (which are tartier and fizzier) while the
newbies like the sweetish ones.

Its an all day drink.
Turns out it is a great mixer as well for your cocktails and mock-tails

Traditionally Tepache is mixed with beer to increase its alcoholic content while making
for an easy cocktail.
Pineapple Rum like Malibu or Goan drink Cabo are brilliant.
Think Pina-colada but with Tepache in the mix. (Scroll at the end for recipe)
Other than the most popular mixes above,Gin and Vodka also pair well with Tepache.

No, it has been around for centuries and is a feature at Taco stalls in Mexico, just like
we have lemon soda shops next to Bombay Sandwich shops.
In India, the trend has just started gaining momentum

MAVI’s Tepache is available at select Natures Basket around Mumbai, gourmet stores
in Pune, Jaipur and Indore and we do regular home deliveries in Mumbai, Pune,
Indore and Jaipur.

Refrigerator/chiller. Not in the bank, it wont give you the same returns as when

No, MAVI’s Tepache is a non-alcoholic drink. However if should always be stored in
refrigerator to prevent any accidental alcohol formation.

Yes, Its au naturale, and sometimes can be really fizzy. Just think of it as a soda bottle
shaken for mischief and open carefully. That’s why it can be a great replacement for all
your artificial drinks.

Yes, but it is a good idea to keep the quantity really small. During pregnancy the body
goes through lot of hormonal changes and even healthy adjustments in diet need to be
done carefully.

If shaken, an overflow can occur due to the natural effervescence. To mix the sediment,
we recommend tilting the bottle gently back and forth.

Fermented food doesn’t go bad in general but tepache can get a tad too vinegary for
an indian palate. So drink it up and if it is too vinegary, put it in your smoothy or mix
with a juice.

A little to make it palatable. There may be some traces of raw organic cane sugar still
in the bottle.

Yes and No. In general its great to include fermented food and beverages in your diet
but some Ayurvedic diets don’t recommend fermented foods with them.

Bromelain is an enzyme present in the stems of pineapples, although it exists in all
parts of the fresh pineapple. It is one of the best anti-inflammatory agent present in
nature and is used widely in folk and modern medicines

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availability of organic pineapples

  • Store the bottles straight in the fridge if possible.
  • Keep them refrigerated under 6oC for best results.
  • Don’t shake before opening the bottle.
  • Turn the cap slowly to open and when you hear the fizz then stop and let the fizz settle down and continue to open slowly to avoid spillage.
  •  Consume the bottle asap once opened. After opening the air gets inside the bottle and fermentation speeds up changing the flavour and making the drink tarty.
  • Feel free to add a sweetener of your choice in case the beverage is a little tangy for the taste.
  • *Pro tip for Newbies – while opening, Keep a glass or a bowl under to catch any spillage.