Ginger Ale – Original version


Ginger Ale is a non-alcoholic beverage made with fermenting organic ginger root, water and sugar. The sugar is being consumed by the yeast and bacteria giving it a natural fizz and tang.

Ginger Ale also known as Ginger bug or Gingerbeer (like root beer) was originally, a brewed and fermented drink of ginger, spices and sugar. It used to have that fermented toddy like whiff and small alcohol content after fermentation hence the term beer was associated with it.

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MAVI’s Ginger ale is naturally fizzy, non-alcoholic, digestion friendly refreshing drink made with handpicked organic ingredients.

To this version, we  keep it original and authentic. Feel free to squeeze a lemon and add some ice to make a sorbet slush..

Ginger Ale brings respite from the heat and cools the body whilst making an excellent mixer with any spirit.

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