Kombucha is a sweet, tangy and naturally carbonated fermented tea. It is made by fermenting green/black/oolong tea using a culture popularly known as the SCOBY. The resultant drink is flavoured using various fruits and spices. MAVI’s commbucha is naturally rich in probiotics, vitamins B & C, antioxidants and other healthy acids and enzymes.


The exact origin of kombucha is unsure, legends say that the roots are somewhere 2300 years ago in the South East Asia. But like most legends some also say that it originated in Russia or Ukraine. Kings, queens, Samurais, Ninjas everyone consumed kombucha for its amazing health benefits.


Improves gut health
Reduces bloating, indigeston, acidity etc
Boosts Immunity
Improves skin, nail, hair growth and quality
Detoxifies the liver and blood
Helps prevet cancer and aging.


Before meals as a probiotic
In the morning to jump start the day
Between meals to help digestion
Post workout to re-energize and refresh
Replacement for Soda, cola, wine and beer
Mixer for cocktails


Organic ingredients
Real fruit and fruit pulp
Naturally carbonated

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What Are We Made Off


We use the finest organic sugar available and that’s what adds that special kick in the fermentation process.


Be it the black tea or other spices, everything in our kitchen is procured organically and are completely chemical free.

And Everything Nice

This is our secret ingredient. The unconditional love that we pour in to the bottles is at par as our love for puppies and rainbows. It’s a lot